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We can help you with any agricultural or industrial requirements including Jo-Jo tanks, industrial fittings, boreholes, PPE & irrigation.


We specialize in jo-jo tanks, the drilling and casing of water production boreholes, we also drill exploration, monitoring and investigative holes, during which we keep logs and samples. Rapid Agriculture strongly believes that by using our recommended contractors your best interests are served, as they are highly specialized in their own fields of expertise.


The goal of Rapid Agriculture is to develop water-saving irrigation systems that do not require environmentally destructive manufacturing processes. Precision irrigation is the environmentally friendly approach to agriculture, which saves water while minimizing impact. In the past, producing large amounts of crops with limited resources was difficult as a result of traditional farming and agricultural practices.

Irrigation & Agricultural Company South Africa

PPE Wear

Employees must wear Personal Protective Equipment when on a site to minimize the danger of being affected by chemicals, biologicals, or physical factors. Personal Protective Equipment is clothing or equipment that is used to minimize the risks associated with chemical, biological, and physical elements. 

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