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We specialize in the drilling and casing of water production boreholes, we also drill exploration, monitoring and investigation holes, during which we keep logs and samples.  Rapid Agriculture strongly believes that by using our recommended contractors your best interests are served, as they are highly specialized in their own fields of expertise. Our drillers and drill assistants on the drilling rigs are experienced and informative and are passionate about their work.  Samples of the formation being drilled in are laid out in six piles per row, each pile represents one meter drilled, and each row represents a drill rod (6m length).


The Services we offer:

Testing Of Boreholes

Drilling Of Boreholes

Divining Of Boreholes

Installation And Supply Of Borehole Pumps

Installation And Supply Of Hand Pumps


Water divining 3 borehole strike drilling rig BH Jarvie

If you would like more information or would like us to quote on Borehole Drilling or testing, please contact us on 033 345 7284