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About us

Rapid Agriculture was founded in 1996.  The original primary objective of the company was to service the agricultural sector, saving the farmer on his overheads.  The company’s vast experience in the field of irrigation design and supply allowed for a very competitive pricing structure.

Whilst the company developed a number of primary sectors dealing with irrigation and supply to the agriculture, conservation and timber industries, staff were chosen and trained for a wide range of functions to benefit consumers in every possible field.

Our structure in these and other related commodities resulted in the Departments of Agriculture, Forestry and the Environment, Transport, as well as KZN Wildlife and the K.Z.N.P.A. finding the company an attractive supplier.

In recent years, Rapid Agricultural has striven to keep abreast with the constitutional, legal and political changes and has also ensured that it has kept abreast with new developments in the industries.

The original member of the CC, a previously disadvantaged person, has been joined by another member, Mr Mark Francis Muthiyaloo, who has been with the CC from its inception.  He now heads the buying department and has full signing powers on the CC.  Consequently, both members of the CC are from the previously disadvantaged community.

Staff are continually trained and mentored in both the primary functions of the business as well as the emerging sectors.  Mr. John Mndawini, also an original employee of the CC, has been trained to the point that he now is the Field Project Supervisor and is involved in the management of related staff.  As a small CC, Rapid Agricultural has met the legal requirements of both BEE and Affirmative Action policies, and has moved forward into the business with renewed confidence.

Part of the CC’s policy is to assist emerging contractors where they are unable to access loans or finance large projects, here we assist the emerging contractors with their purchases with a one stop shop for contracts with Department of Agriculture, Poverty Relief Fund,Ezemvelo KZN Wild Life, Escom, Department of Transport,FET College and Municipalities and many more.

Based in Pietermaritzburg, the CC has provided services to areas throughout KZN, including the Midlands, Ladysmith, and Underberg and as far afield as Northern Zululand.  Ninety percent of the staff have been with the company since its inception and are committed to providing high consumer satisfaction in every transaction.


Rapid Agricultural aims to serve the consumer in the most effective way possible, lifting the burden of seeking the required item at the best possible price and supplying the goods to the consumer in the shortest possible time.

Staff accreditation and empowerment is a trademark of our business and this shows in the way that our staff have remained with the CC for many years.  We aim to improve on this and to incorporate, through training, our staff into the day to day management of the CC.  The value of our staff is exceeded only by the value that we place on our clients.


We have been a supplier to a large proportion of KZN’s agricultural sector on a regular basis and have also had significant business contracts with KZN Wildlife, the Departments of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment, and Transport to name but a few.






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Quality service